IBRC 2019

18th International Bat Research Conference
(18th IBRC)
28 July - 1 August 2019
The Slate, Phuket, Thailand

Second official circular

Dear colleagues,

We are really pleased to announce that the registration for the 18th IBRC is now open! Please scroll down to look through the details of registration fees, accommodation, payment, abstract submission, etc. We would like to encourage you to proceed with the registration and payment as soon as possible to get the cheaper rate!

There will be more updates on symposia, workshops, keynote speakers, student grant, trips, etc. very soon. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Message from the local host

We are pleased to announce that the 18th International Bat Research Conference will be held between 28 July and 1 August 2019, at the Slate, Phuket, Thailand – so mark your calendar! The meeting is co-hosted by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, and the Harrison Institute, UK.

Each year the bat research community becomes larger and larger with new disciplines and new expertise. As methods of research become yet more sophisticated, we find ever more new taxa and ever more new and fascinating facts about these taxa. For sure, we are in a new age of discovery.

However, despite all our skills and knowledge, it remains painfully clear that all over the world the abundance and diversity of bats is being threatened by human activities as never before.

As organisers, it is our hope that this meeting will bring together new, innovative ideas about the future of bat research and most importantly the future of bat conservation. These ideas will hopefully be many and varied – new and imaginative approaches to landscape ecology or bat disease programmes or to education and outreach or to surveying and monitoring. Maybe they will involve looking at extinction rates in the fossil record, or genetics or taxonomy focused on at risk taxa or taxa within at risk habitats. The choice, of course, is yours.

However, we would just ask that when you think about your presentation you also keep one eye on the 18th IBRC logo – a logo that symbolises that the future of bats is in our hands and we must help to conserve them. If not us, then who?

Phuket is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with fantastic fine sandy beaches, great food, a lively city, and an international airport hub. Phuket is an ideal place for meeting and vacation. Phuket is also in the middle of mixture of cultures and nature, with several tropical forests and famous islands for you to explore. We do hope that the lovely atmosphere of the place will provide us a fruitful meeting and give you exceptional memories.

The Slate Hotel is an exceptional, award winning resort, which within Phuket offers the best facilities for hosting a conference. Of course, normally such a resort is outside the budget of all of us but thanks to the generosity and commitment of its owner, a long-term supporter of the Prince of Songkla University, and an Honorary Member of the University Council, the prices have been greatly reduced to little more than cost price (upto 70% reduction). The Slate is offering 5 Star facilities at 3 Star prices. In addition, we are working with an adjacent hotel to ensure the cheapest possible accommodation for student participants. That said nothing is cheap these days and Phuket is an international city catering for an international clientele, so please start thinking about grant applications to your university, your local grant-giving body (if they exist) or, if all else fails, your rich aunt for your participation. Otherwise please start saving your pennies in a money box! I think it will be worth it!

Please scroll down to check out the important dates. We are still working on the website, prices, tentative programme, excursions, etc. The full official website as well as the second announcement are expected to be up in August 2018.

On behalf of the host, we are very happy to welcome all researchers, students, and exhibitors to Thailand. Looking forward to meeting you all.

18thIBRC Local organising committee


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