Final announcement


Final announcement

1. Conference program

please see the link below for more information

Link : Full IBRC2019 program & Abstracts book

2. Presentation file uploading

To allow organising presentations smoothly, all speakers are requested to upload your presentation file online in advance within 28 July 2019. You can check and edit (if any needed) your slide in the computer at your presentation venue.
Please drop your presentation file(s) (powerpoint or pdf) into Google Drive according to your date and session folder via this link : 
** It may require Google account login. If you do not have Google account and do not want to associate your email with Google account, simply send your file to the email:
Format of the file name: Abstract code_first name_last name
Example: AO1-102_Nancy_Simmons

3. Poster and sponsor booth set up

You can set up your poster and booth in the exhibition area at Jomon Pavilion from 14.30 on Sunday 28, July 2019.

4. Transportation

please see the link below for more information

Link : Schedule transfers and pick up locations

5. Name badge

All participants are requested to wear the name badge at all times in order to enter the conference area and to participate in all arranged events, i.e. lunch, dinner.

For participants who stay at Nai Yang Beach Resort, please also wear your name badge at all time to make sure the security of the Slate can identify you and allow you to enter the hotel.

6. Accompanying persons

Accompanying persons who wish to join luncheons and welcome dinner, please purchase voucher package from the registration desk no later than 9 am of 29 July 2019.

 Price: Coffee breaks, Luncheons & Welcome dinner  — $ 280 (8,400 Baht)
            Welcome Dinner only                                        — $ 90 (2,700 Baht)
         * Child under the age of 6, free of charge.

7. Food dietary restrictions form

Please complete this dietary survey form by 20 July 2019, to ensure all necessary types of food can be arranged.

Link : Dietary Restrictions Form